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I'm a hub immigrant

I’m using GitHub for job and my code hosting. Especially for co-working project, PullRequest based development is very useful to maintain codes clean.

Using git in terminal, to submit PullRequest,

  • Push remote
  • Open GitHub
  • Write PR’s description
  • Submit

workflow is necessaly. But with hub, you can submit PR within terminal only with

git pull-request


Those days I used Ruby based hub, but changed to use gh Go based hub replacer because of its speed. And now I’m using hub build with Go! Yes, hub is going to be developed with Go in the future!

To start using hub with Go,

git clone git@github.com:github/hub.git -b gh
cd hub

Then you can see executable hub binary at the root of the project. Copy or symlink the executable to your $PATH.

Have a Happy GitHub life!